Friday, 14 December 2012

A Muslim Mamas Bucket List for 2013

 Muslim Mamas promise/Bucket list for 2013
I will be the first to admit that I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and I haven’t kept any since I was a teenager. This year though, I have decided that I will have a Bucket List that I will happily add to as and when needed. In fact I will have FIVE bucket lists. 1 will be a general one for the whole year whilst the others will be seasonal. I really want to be more in touch with the seasons. So yes some of the actions listed on my general list will be ‘decanted’ onto my seasonal list too. Complicated? Not really. Okay so we get long hard winters in the UK, but there is beauty to be found in that too.
I also want to have a Bucket List to ensure Munchy gets the best out of life. I may compromise on my own aspects of life, however I never want Munchy to do that. I want her to take every opportunity and life a happy full life. So from a young age I want her to get into the habit of setting reachable targets in the form of happy Bucket Lists. Nothing wrong with that surely? It’s not a competitive thing and I would hate for anyone to feel they must have a list too because X has one. There is nothing wrong with having the intention to do something, as long as we understand sometimes things don’t go to our plan-that’s just the way the world is.
So far my list looks like this (this is my general 2013 list):
1)      Go on at least 2 family picnics
2)      Visit the Monkey Forest
3)      Visit at least 1 Farm
4)      Try at least 10 new craft ideas
5)      Pass my driving test
6)      Start a food blog
7)      Decorate the house for Ramadan and Eid-purchasing and making all decorations beforehand
8)      Learn to Crochet or Knit (or both!)
9)      Create a Family tradition
10)   Read at least one dua with great rewards everyday
11)   Show Munchy how to fly a Kite
12)   Buy Munchy a bike (she asks for one everyday) and take her for rides on a daily basis
13)   Sow Sunflowers and cherry tomatoes together
14)   Make a bird feeder
15)   Take Munchy to a Fireworks display
16)   Start working my way through all my cookery books (there’s over 100)
17)   Bake a cake a week
18)   Start meal planning for a healthier family and reduce food waste
19)   Go to a Zoo
20)   Go to a local Food Festival
21)   Make giant bubbles and chase them around
22)   Visit the Seaside
23)   Take Munchy bowling
24)   Play with sidewalk chalk
25)   Take out the paddling pool when the weather is nice
26)   Go strawberry picking
27)   Become more organised
28)   Feed the ducks
29)   Make a three new friends throughout the 12 months
30)   Bake with Munchy

 As you can see so far I have 30 missions on my list. I have a feeling the list will grow. I cannot help but wonder if our parents could bring us all up again what would they do differently? I have a sneaky feeling they would play with us more and worry about earning more less. I know I want the best for Munchy, but sometimes I cannot help but wonder if really the greatest things in life are free how much does it cost to make bubbles and go feed the ducks in the park? I know I remember my trips to the park fondly. Unfortunately my family didn’t believe in spending quality time so going the park was a one off experience (yes I know it’s a free activity try explaining that to my family).
Will anyone else be writing their own Bucket List for 2013? Anyone care to share there’s? If you want to write your own list and need inspiration, you will find lots of Bucket Lists via google, some of which can be printed off free-of-charge and framed. The purpose of this is once you've done one of the tasks you tick it off with a dry board marker and have an ongoing list that is up-to-date.
Let me know how you all get on. Looking forward to reading everyone's Bucket Lists.

Until our next meeting folks,

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