Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The misconception that house mums do nothing all day-I have news for you all!

So whilst Munchy takes a nap I thought I would write today's blog entry.
Today I want to talk about the misconception by non-stay at home parents that all we lucky things do is:

  • go out to coffee all day
  • go on play dates
  • lounge around because we don't have a real job
Isn't it funny how the stay-at-home parent is often painted as someone who has hours of free time in their day? I used to often feel guilty when I heard about the fact Maturity rights in countries outside the UK however I now feel proud of the fact our Government acknowledge the importance of the role of the mother and allow paid Maternity Leave (plus extra non-paid leave if you can afford it).

So what does the stay-at-home Mama really do all day? Here's a look at a one day in the life of a SAHM:
7AM-wake up and get self ready before...
8AM-Munchy wakes up-get Munchy ready and give her breakfast
9-12PM-Play time, watch a bit of Disney, consider a bit of art and crafts take a walk to the park or possibly go a soft play centre.
12NOON-lunch (reheated leftovers from last night, or a sandwich for munch)
12:30-2:30 (ideally) nap for Munchy. This time is used doing things like ironing, cooking etc
2:30-Munchy up, load washing machine
3-4:45PM playtime (fit in a small walk to the shops, or to the park)
5:15PM-cook dinner
6PM-Munchys dads home & dinner time
6:45PM-Munchy chats with her daddy and plays a little while
7:PM bedtime routine starts with changing clothes
7:50-8PM Munchy in bed
8-11PM-I sort out laundry, clean up after Munchy, have a cuppa tea, sort out Munchys stuff, plan the next day, have a short chat with Munchys dad. I also use this time to do all projects around the house including painting and D.I.Y chores.
11PM-try to go bed!
11:15PM-Munchy wakes up for 2oz of milk (when will this stop?!)
11:30PM-fall asleep (finally)
3:30AM-Munchy up for another small drink (come on Munchy you don't need these small drinks anymore!)
7AM-the bedlam starts again!

So will someone please explain where the glamour is and where I have the free time to do leisurely things?

I am content with my life and know whilst Munchy is little life will be constantly on the go. I have HAPPY with that. I struggled the first year because I wanted the parenting lifestyle shown in the books and quite frankly that was unrealistic.

Life is what you make it!

Okay rant over, subject parked, will return to it later.

So what's new scoobie-doo?
We are currently having a new Kitchen fitted which we purchased at IKEA-at the moment I would not recommend IKEA as they quite frankly suck! However I am hoping they man up and fix their wrongs so I can post a positive report on my experience with them for you. Finding a kitchen that's affordable and practical took so long I was beginning to wonder if one existed. You see when you become a SAHM you understandably become a one income family. You go from being dinky (double income no kids yet) to double expenses single income. So every penny counts. And because you are at home you tend to look at ways of saving money.

I spent 35 minutes on the phone the other day (freephone thank God!) haggling with my insurance broker to get the price down by £60.00. In the end they agreed because I was happy to take business elsewhere. Plus I try and cook meals from scratch, in a jiffy as lets face it ready meals are not only expensive the e-numbers alone are scary and not suitable for Munchy. Plus I was Munchy to be exposed to all sorts of cook. Munchy loves Channa daal with roti-a 16 month old who knows what she likes. Now before mothers out there start bashing me about giving a child chillies let me clarify something:
the food I cook at home is modified to Munchys palette-we don't use chili powder, and the other spices used e.g. coriander seeds are crushed at home so we know what's in the blend rather than buying something pre ground off the shelf. Oil is controlled too as is salt. We are all happy with the situation so to all the Asian mums out there who say Asian food isn't suitable for toddlers get a grip!

So I think that's enough of a rant now. As Munchys dad has come home for lunch Munchy has decided against a long nap-hurrah (nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo) so I need to go fix lunch.

So in a nutshell I know how lucky and blessed I am to be able to spend everyday with my child. What my life isn't is a day full of coffee days, trips to spend loads of money and so on and so on. What my life is quite frankly is a full time job looking after Munchy, her dad and the household in general. Anyone who has looked after a child with a lactose intolerance and reflux for 10 months of their lives will understand parenting is not plain sailing and the judgement cast by others on your life don't do you any favours. If anything you become more depressed wondering if anyone is living such a glamorous life.

When life gives you lemons make lemon cheesecake! When life throws you a dodge ball, pick yourself up and carry on walking. And when life is like a steep mountain break up the climb into bite size manageable pieces.

Life is what you make it!

How many of you plan meals in advance? I've started it and it seems to be working (and to be honest it's quite exciting for this food nut to know what she is cooking during the week!).

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