Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Woo my first post.

Well hello there reader,
I was once told by someone that you should only blog if:

  • you know what you are blogging about

  • you have a passion for it

  • you can write.

So here I am, no strings attached. I wish to become a 'mummy blogger' and talk about everything parent related.

What is my experience as a parent? I have one toddler, Munchy as she is known. She's 16 months old. I also a bit about problems with conceiving. I know a bit about depression too and how the smallest of things can trigger a damn big reaction.

I also know how stressful it can be to become a new mummy in the Asian community (Oh did I mention that I'm a second generation British born person of Pakistani origin).

And I am also Muslim, so can shed some light on the issues that effect Muslim parents (e.g. can Eid really be as shiny and appealing as Christmas in the West). By no means am I an expert on religion but having Munchy has put more 'pressure' on me to find a balance between religion and life.

What else do you need to know? I have a degree in Journalism however unfortunately never found the right opportunity to use my skills in this field. I have done various jobs in my lifetime-from running my own business (another passion of mine), to working for the Government to working in the Leisure industry.

So I'm in my late 20's, I have a husband (did I mention him before), a stereo typical alpha male. We live in England and currently spend every spare minute attempting to de-clutter, decorate or do something with the house. You see I want my house to reflect me-how others. Not asking for much am I?

My hobbies are cooking (it's my big love-you'll learn about that later), reading, watching films, interior designs, IKEA (although at the moment they are my enemies), spending quality time with loved ones and collecting books. I love books and simply cannot get enough of them. I have even got Munchy into books.

Ask my best friend BonBon to tell you a bit about me and she will tell you she never thought I would have children as I had an allergic reaction to them when I was say about 18. But fast forward 10 years and I have a child. Some will tell you I wanted to become a hot-shot journalist but then you don't know what opportunities will come your way and to be the biggest and most respected job I have done to date is being Munchys Mama and quite frankly I would never change that not even for a big job in London.

Right I have to dash, Munchys dad has just called about paint rollers and Munchy is having a tantrum because he didn't speak to her (or maybe because she's hand too much sugar today).

Until tomorrow guys,


PS, apologies for grammar and spelling errors-all will be perfect once I get back into this writing business!

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