Friday, 6 April 2012

When will the work end so Munchy can get back to her routine!

Oh no, I feel like I'm turning into a nag and have a 'To Do List' that is never ending. There's a part of me that feels sorry for my husband for having me go on and on, however it's all for the good of Munchy.

You see I just all the stuff around the house that needs doing finished so Munchy can mooch around without the danger of power tools lurching around every corner. However the problem is none of the work seems near completion and quite frankly I'm losing my patience (shock horror, a woman is losing her patience-get over it men).

Because the truth of the matter is our house has looked like a work in progress since 2009 and all I want now it a house that is a home where I can have play dates for Munchy and be able to relax. I don't think that's asking for too much.

Perhaps the fact I am thinking about how all this work is effecting Munchy is stressing me more? Her nap routine has disappeared (oh God please return it to us) and her night time sleeping is just as bad if not worse now because she isn't eating properly during the day thus needs milk at night. Plus she's abandoned her cot. And when she gets upset she wants DADDY! I think that's to do with the work too-as the husband has been spending time with the workmen Munchy has also been tagging along and spending time during the day with him which has clearly upset her daily routine. Did I mention by Mums on holiday too which has also knocked Munchy for six-because she was used to seeing Nanoo everyday as we live together. 

So routines-I love them. Some on the other hand think it's more natural for a child to carve their own routine. That's fine-I believe a good routine is a balance of both. What I cannot understand is the Mother nature types that look down on Mummies like me who bottle fed. I bottle fed Munchy with good reason. Lack of milk, and then a lactose intolerance plus reflux made it a sensible option for us as a family. God knows I tried with the whole Breastfeeding thing but it didn't work for me.

Although most tried to understand Munchy and my dilemma, some did have the nerve to look down their nose at me as 'I should know better as I have worked under Children and Young Peoples Services' so understand the government is 'pushing' breastfeeding. That's all good and well however mums and other folk need to understand judging others won't do you any good as a person will it?

Oh talking of judging, when Munchy was born she had bad reflux which I basically self-diagnosed and then after many visits to the GP and out of hours service got an official diagnosis. Oh where was I, oh yes when Munchy was born she was fair better taking a nap in my arms than lying down (of course reflux doesn't help this-plus a newborn doesn't take to be away from Mama anyhow). So I used to hold her as much as she needed really as did Mum and husband however my FIL's aunt by marriage told me not to hold her as much as I was creating a rod for my own back. How lovely. There was this old lady who could have taken the opportunity to give her pearls of wisdom instead I got told off for holding my baby.

I carried on holding my baby and 16 months later Munchy chooses if she wants to give a cuddle or kiss-so I am grateful for those cuddles I had then because pinning Munchy down now is near impossible (unless she wants a cuddle-which isn't really that often).

My pearls of wisdom to any new mummy out there potentially reading this is you are the best judge of what is good for your child. If something doesn't feel right, say so. If you want to bottle feed and not breastfeed then that's YOUR call. Remember there are women out there who smoke throughout their pregnancies-the busy bodies telling you to breastfeed if you don't want to should be directed in their direction. Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding a baby however it's not always possible (look at my situation above).

Babies don't come with a manual but if they did lets be honest-not many of us would follow the words down a T would we?

Right time for me to dash-Munchy could do with a Nap and I could do with painting the kitchen Berry Pink. Maybe I should put photos up on here of my designed kitchen to have you all mark it out of 10?

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